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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Barbados Destination for a Wedding!

Its been a busy time, just got back from Barbados. What a great place to visit! Went to Sandals, all inclusive resort. It was really kind of nice. Had a room with an ocean view and a soaking tub on the balcony. It was so nice to go out and sit on the balcony and hear and see the rush of the waves, I love a beautiful view. It was a nice time to just sit and marvel at the view, I just came back from California from taking care of business from my dad. More sad stuff, but some beauty too. Got to see my brother. I also got to see the beach in Santa Monica.
I love the Ocean, it is so beautiful. It is so big. and when you feel like your day is filled with big troubles look out at the Ocean and see how big it is, your problems don't seem that big anymore.

Back to Barbados, It was hot and the perfect detraction for a few days, training and seeing what the beautiful property looked like, tasting all the food, trying all the services. Went for an awesome Catamaran Ride! Tried sushi for the first time, California roll, I guess it was not raw fish, but it was great! Butch's steak house, great! Room service, fast, hot and so good!

Pool bar, had a few drinks even though I don't usually drink, they were kind of strong, and they were to all of the patrons liking. The pool that went along the the swim up rooms were amazing! Said to be the longest pool in the Caribbean. The pool at the cabana's was really nice, pool at the pool bar was what you would expect. There was a net to play volleyball, which was busy with players most days.

The grounds were so amazing, flowers everywhere! The areas for the weddings were exquisite, so many nice touches, from heart shapes right into the lawn to arches in plantings. Breathtaking! And what your eyes did not enjoy, your nose took in, it was just so beautiful, the pictures were sure to be amazing. This does not even mention the backdrop of the Beach and the Ocean!

For a Wedding this is quite a great Destination!  

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The longest Journey

Have you lost either of your parents? If not hold onto them with both hands! When you lose a parent it is life changing. You always sit and think about how many times you didn't call, what could you have done to see them more. Then it's to late. You  think there will be another day, sometimes there is not! They are just gone, no goodbye, just gone.

After my dad died my heart was broken, I needed some kind of closure to say goodbye, the one I didn't get to speak. I took his ashes on a journey across country to leave behind a little memory with him and I , the longest journey. It was a spur of the moment journey, the kind your heart needs and your heads says "are you sure you want to do this".

My husband said a firm "no you are not going to do this!" Then I said "you don't understand I have no choice!" I called my daughter so I would not be alone and off  we went. To take my dad (well his ashes) across country with me for the last longest journey!

I cried a lot, laughed some and listened to his music (a find while cleaning out the console in his car), his music was so sad and lonely, it however let me know him better! I drove in his car, with his smell, and found little notes along the way.

I will always be grateful for my husband letting go and my daughter coming along (she had to fly across country to drive back across country with me).

It was not an easy journey, but for me it was a needed one. My dad had driven me the same journey when he took me back to meet my family for the first time when I was just 9 months old.

We drove route 66 as far as we could without going off the driving pace to much. It brought back some memories of days gone by and days to never see again.

There were some funny things that happened along the way. We stopped into a pep boys to get the oil changed before we left. The window washers were so bad, they ca,me off the car in pieces. (I guess it really never rains in Southern California!) The tire was nearly bald, that would have been fun to try to change between myself and my daughter who call someone when a tire needs changing! The oil really needed to be changed! They really tried to sell me 65.00 per quart of oil. I resisted.

I had a trophy with me of my dads. I decided to take a picture with it everywhere we stopped and leave some ashes. Sometimes we just stopped and took a picture with the trophy. One of these stops, a policemen stopped (we were on the side of the highway getting an entering Oklahoma state sign) he wanted to make sure we were ok! I thought he would give me a ticket or something for stopping where we did. I told him a brief story of what we were doing. He told us to be careful when pulling back onto the highway and told us it was a nice tribute to my dad.

We saw and met so many great people along the way, I am grateful to my daughter for coming with  me. She had to work in the car on her computer for a lot of the drive. She got impatient a few times but was a comfort and a needed passenger on my journey. It was a sacrifice for her to go.

We made it across country in 5 days, I know a lot of people could have driven it faster, but it gave me the time to try to say goodbye and listen to his music.

I still have not been able to take the final pictures, entering my state, leaving the ashes in my yard as a last place. I have his ashes on my mantel and his trophy next to them. I am still waiting for the time when I can finish saying goodbye. Maybe this summer.

I miss my dad, and my heart is still broken, but here are some things we saw along our journey.

Here is where we went.

air travel was a surprise!

I love to travel! I however hate to travel coach ( I know, I know). This travel experience was not to bad! We were going on a mini family vaca and due to the number traveling we traveled coach.

Not just coach but on the airline that you don't pick your seat until you are boarding, you have to get a letter and number then board when they call you !

It was not terrible! In fact it was quite comfortable! I was ready for a miserable flight with my knees in the seat in front of me. Nope, ample seat  spacing, free snacks, and a little bit of entertainment from the jovial crew were the order of the day!

We went to visit the mouse in Florida, stayed in the "new" time share on premises. Hated the decor, hated the furniture,  it was made for dolls,even hated the service!

 We normally have a great time both checking in and out of the resort, not so much this time! We took advantage of the online checkin service, Not a fan if this is the way you get to your room!

   Loved the view, loved The Hoop De Doo Revue, loved the layout of the condo.

The parks, they were crowded! I am not talking a wait time for rides, I am talking a sea of people just trying to walk to rides! Never go during vacation week! That is a note to myself!

The dinner show mentioned above  Hoop Dee Doo Revue, it was great! Fun and funny, the meal is more than enough to fill you, (it keeps coming out till you are full) Bottomless soft drinks, beer and wine. They participate with the audience during the show. I don't want to give to much away if you have not seen it!

If you go get there a little bit early, you can walk around the grounds after you get your ticket. If you get there 15 minutes before the show you will be waiting in a long line. Everyone else has gotten there 15 minutes before the show.

It is a little bit pricy when you look at it initially, but it's a live show with a great meal, (if you like fried chicken ,ribs and all the fixins) Plus all your drinks and dessert! So I think it was worth the price. It is also part of the Dining Plan, 2 meals but again worth it.

We skip the "magical" free ride to our vacation and get the free ride at the end. We take a taxi, it helps the taxi drivers and it gets us there faster to start our vacation! You are also not waiting in more lines and jockeying for a seat on the bus.

Our flight home was just as pleasant, same seat spacing, same free snacks, another crew who seemed to love their jobs!

I may travel with this airline again! How have your airline seats been? What do you fly and how are the seats in coach?

Share your experiences .

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Free Tour information .

Would you like a free tourist guide?

Email me and tell me what location and I will email you 1 free tourist information guide.

Who loves baby animals?

Do you want to go on a fabulous trip? Thailand may be your ticket. Thailand is located in both eastern and northern hemispheres, positioned in Southeast Asia. Thailand is bordered by the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Indian Ocean and the countries of Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Within Thailand there are so many diverse areas, you can stay a month and not see them all. If you would like to see, visit with the baby elephants seen on social media you will want to visit Chiang Mai, referred to as "the rose of the north". It sits in Northern Thailand, approximately 435 miles north of the capitol city of Bangkok. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand.

When we visited it was so lush and green, it was a quiet piece of heaven away from the bustling city of Bangkok. So many treasures to see and so much to do. No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to Chiang Mai.

There are many elephant camps to see and visit, a lot of them are trying to "humanely" have elephant encounters that help the tourist see and interact with the elephants, at the same time help care for these beautiful animals. They are not all the same!

here are some pictures from some of them:

Baby elephants videos from the Huffington Post:

Here is where you can find them:

Here are some from when we went to an elephant camp:

Elephants are amazing animals! When you are getting to know your elephant they form a sort of bond with you. During the "elephant trek" if you are falling off or you are nervous the elephants tuck their ears into your legs. They will not allow you to fall off! I did not like the elephant trekking, I would have been happy to just see them and give them their baths. I took the ride because How often are you going to go on an elephant ride?

It was not that long, but felt like the entire day! After the trek you come back and give your elephant a bath. It is another time the elephants bond with you. It was fantastic! They really love you back!

Have you been on a trip to Thailand?

Here are some other pictures from our trip.

Wat Rong Khun : The White Temple

This is what you will see when you drive up.

From the White Temple area Each of the thousands of tin ornaments hanging from these trees had hand written personal notes on them

This is in Chiang Rai it is a place where the White temple is and it is something to see, scary from some angles.

The market, which looks like every other market you see while traveling.

Bangkok is an entirely different place than Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.  If you are visiting Thailand make sure you leave time to visit these two beautiful and diverse areas.

Some of the pictures were taken from google images and belong to the original photographers.